Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

Got the toms

I picked up four different varieties of tomatoes this morning. Thought it might be fun to taste test. I’ll be at the plot around 12.30 today planting them and doing whatever needs doing. About the faded signs, I’ll make up some new ones we can stick in the ground, and laminate them so that they are weather-proof.

Cheers, Lauren

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Yesterday was a hot one!

Katie was over in the garden at lunch and I joined her a bit later on. Our little onions and their carrot buddies in the row next door have made their way to the surface and look wonderful in their tidy little rows. Even our beans have burst on the scene, curled heads ready to unfurl leaves. Katie gave the plot a good soakin’ and filled as much of the rain barrel as we could, time permitting. Our signage on the row ends has all but disappeared so we were trying to remember what we had planted with the cauliflower… Kale and…? Any guesses?

The canopy is up next to our plot covering the picnic tables. I wonder if we want to try and coordinate a lunch party?

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Hi Everyone,

I was over at the park this morning at about 10:30 so watered the little babies.

The folks diagonally across ¬†from us were starting to work their plot and found they had a ton of ants. Should we be on the alert? I am not sure what to do about ants, or if there even is a need to ” do ” anything about them should they relocate to our plot?


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“Weeds are just plants growing in the wrong location…”

Or so says the Burlington Green volunteer!

The garden was busy this morning at 10:30 when I took my break and sauntered out to our plot. The general meeting starts at 11:00, so there were volunteers on hand issuing advice and helping weed. I gave our plants some much needed water and removed a dead leaf or two from our cauliflower. The volunteers warn it will be a hot, dry summer so keeping on top of our watering will be important!

I have since learned from Lauren that our yellow beans were planted in the wrong place–no harm, I guess, as we can transplant them once they sprout. Sorry ’bout this.


Otherwise things look good. I might pop out again at lunch… It’s so beautiful outside, it’s hard to resist not being out there.

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Proud parents of beet babies

Shelley, Katie, and I spent 30 minutes in the garden at lunch. We planted the green and yellow beans in the area closest to the trellis, one row of green and one row of yellow next to the basket. I hope this is okay…?

Super pleased to see wee green beet leaves poking up from their dark soil blankets, trying desperately to reach the sun. Such a sense of accomplishment! We had a good laugh trying to determine what was a weed and what was veggie sprout. Hard to tell at this point…

I’m in on Saturday and will check out things on my lunch hour, water, etc. The three of us plan to hit up each Thursday 12:00 lunch break as well, to water and weed. It would be great if everyone could choose a day of the week so we know what’s covered and what days someone will be required to run over and quickly water.

Such fun to wander the other gardens and look at others handiwork.

p.s. Ivars has been given the Zuc and will begin seeding it, ASAP.


The case of the kale-chomping critter

We’ve been invaded. And, a quick walk around the other 29 gardens this afternoon confirmed the worst. Plot 30 was the sole target of a stealth attack. Despite the profusion of leafy greens sprouting all around our patch, two of our kale were hit-and-bit by some sharp-toothed, probably furry and four-legged, varmint. After checking the perimeter fence I can only conclude the perp must have entered *over* the fence. Do squirrels actually eat kale?!

I gave the garden a good soak. Filled the watering can 10 times. It was dry.

Belinda – Thanks for the tomato baskets and the plank! I laid the plank aside temporarily so it doesn’t cover the seeded rows. Once we plant the flowers in the ground, we can put the plank in the row where the flowers are currently “in holding.”

Although lots of people have already planted their tomatoes, basil, peppers, zucchini, there is no rush to get these in the ground until we have at least a solid week of 20+ temperatures. So, who wants to seed the zucchini and plant the beans? I have the seeds.

I’ll be away from May 17 to 29 – happy gardening!

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Herbs (how do you pronounce it: “Her-bs” or “Er-bs”?)

I meant to mention earlier that I have planted all of our herbs and they are currently sunning themselves on my back deck. We had a slight mishap with the BBQ getting a bit too close to one of the containers (*shifty eyes*) but our basil seems to be pulling through well enough.

Question for you: at what point will we want to transplant these from their cozy boxes to the garden?

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Thursday morning garden time

From the pictures and updates it sounds like our garden is coming along beautifully. I will take a walk by today on my way home to check out everyone’s hard work.

I’m planning on coming in early Thursday to work in the garden before I start at 1pm. I have some basil at home I have started, if we need any more I’d be happy to bring some in once it has grown a bit more.


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Nifty new calendar

Amanda worked some of her magic and set up a useful calendar to get us organized – just look to the right -> -> ->

I’d like to add some information, but I confess that I’m clueless as to how to do it. I have a Google Docs account that I set up ages ago, but how do I sign into it to get to our calendar? Help!

In the meantime, here’s what I was going to add: 6pm watered the plants/seeds, weeded around the plot, and filled the almost empty rain barrel.

Linda – I checked the shed for that plastic netting. When you enter the shed, look up. The roll is on a shelf suspended from the ceiling. I didn’t find any cedar stakes.

Cheers, Lauren


Carrots, onions, and beets… oh my!

Lauren and I were out in the sunshine from 12:30-1:30 this afternoon, enjoying our lunch in the garden (note: our lunch was not the garden, the garden is where we lunched… err… perhaps that makes better sense in my head…)

*awkward silence*

We planted:

  • 1 row of green onions
  • 1 row of carrots
  • 2 cauliflower plants
  • 4 kale plants
  • 1 row of tubular beets
  • 1 row or (regular?) beets

The beets need extra special love and care, and shouldn’t be allowed to “crust over” (so says the seed package) so we’ll have to be vigilant about watering these babies.

As a veggie garden newby, it was great to be out there with Lauren who could boss me about and tell me what to do (really, I mean that.) I would love to spend my time out there with someone who can teach or explain as we go until I develop my green thumb a bit more, so Lauren… I might become your garden doppelganger.

Speaking of which, I will draw up a schedule for our watering and tending ASAP so we know who is doing what and when (heaven forbid our beets should crust!)

p.s. On this weekend’s agenda: buy gardening gloves, rock-em-sock-em rubber boots, and one super fancy garden gnome (because I covet the gnome kitty corner our plot…)


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