Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

Let the gardens begin!

on May 5, 2012

What a morning! Linda, her hubby, dad, Pip the dog, and I attended today’s official launch of the community garden. I won a Tiny Tim tomato plant for our garden and scooped up a bunch of herbs for our pots.

It was our great good fortune that a young man named Scott befriended Plot 30 this morning. He is a recent graduate of the U of Guelph horticulture program, and a lifetime fan of the library. His parents live next to the park and he happened to wander over this morning to attend the launch. Why was this such good fortune for us, you ask?

Well, thanks to Scott, our bed is now prepared for seeding! This young man walked home after the launch and returned with his tools and four plants he donated to our garden (Brussels sprout and red leaf cauliflower) – then spent a good hour turning, raking, and mounding the soil, as well as providing some excellent planting advice. Based on his input, I’m going to revise our current plan for you to look at on Monday. So, if you go by our plot, you’ll see a few plants already set (not yet planted) in the soil. What a great start to our garden!

I promised Scott that we’ll stay in touch and arrange to meet up with him at the plot during the growing season. He’s eager to help and offer his expertise. So we now have our own horticulturist – how nice is that?! //Lauren


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