Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

Sections (sort of) done

on May 9, 2012
plot 30

Plot 30 au naturel

12.45pm and the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the sky was a brilliant, well, sky blue with fluffy white clouds scudding by (yup, a bit of foreshadowing here). It was the *perfect* opportunity to section off the plot. Despite forgetting my tacking nails to secure the twine to the wood box around our garden, I was able to staple the twine to the wood as a temporary solution.

1.35pm things were going really well. Until. One minute it was calm, the next minute there were gusting gale force winds! Everything went flying, including lots of dirt. Thankfully, the fence stopped all my papers from blowing away (yes, the lock combinations included) as I madly scrambled to catch flying papers, flying pots, flying garden gloves, and flying tools. The good news: the staples held!

planting sections

Demarcation lines

So, the sections are basically in place. Next to do: seeding and planting. Thursday and Friday are looking good for it. Who’s up for some dirty work at lunch time tomorrow?


4 responses to “Sections (sort of) done

  1. dancinghotdog says:

    This looks great, Lauren! I’m in for tomorrow, meaning Friday, anytime during lunch (12? 1?) I will dress more appropriately… Exciting!


    • Lauren says:

      Thanks, Amanda. I brought my tacks today, so I’ll get that done at lunch. Yes, let’s do an eat ‘n’ plant lunch tomorrow. The weather forecast is for a wonderful day. Any preferred time? I’m open! Anyone else coming out to play?!

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