Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

Bean pole structure

on May 10, 2012

Hi folks,

I tried to use some spare items I had at home to make a sort of support for peas/ beans but it doesn’t look too great and really doesn’t seem strong enough to support anything  fairly substantial. I notice that other gardens have really strong looking support poles, like broomstick handles or stakes which are as thick as hockey sticks so I will take it down and start over sometime over the weekend.



One response to “Bean pole structure

  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks so much for trying it out, Linda. Because of the zucchini, we’ll need sturdy supports, both horizonally and vertically. We’ll be training the zucc and beans to trail *up* the structure.

    To help us out, I have three great books about vertical gardening from HPL (we have too many holds on ours!). So, I’ll bring them in for you to take a look at today and over the weekend, if you want.

    There’s a whole section in Vertical Vegetables & Fruit about growing squash and gourds and one about beans. They have us covered! It’s an excellent resource.

    Garden Up! has lots of excellent illustrations, while Vertical Gardening is more general but still useful. Cheers ~ Lauren

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