Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

Herbs (how do you pronounce it: “Her-bs” or “Er-bs”?)

on May 15, 2012

I meant to mention earlier that I have planted all of our herbs and they are currently sunning themselves on my back deck. We had a slight mishap with the BBQ getting a bit too close to one of the containers (*shifty eyes*) but our basil seems to be pulling through well enough.

Question for you: at what point will we want to transplant these from their cozy boxes to the garden?


One response to “Herbs (how do you pronounce it: “Her-bs” or “Er-bs”?)

  1. Lauren says:

    Mmmm, smoked herbs. Maybe you’ve invented something marketable! Don’t worry about planting the basil in the ground. It likes a really warm bed, so we’re fine for a few weeks yet. Think about transplanting when the plants reach 3-4″.

    Herb or Erb? ‘Ere you go for a good explanation:

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