Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

The case of the kale-chomping critter

on May 15, 2012

We’ve been invaded. And, a quick walk around the other 29 gardens this afternoon confirmed the worst. Plot 30 was the sole target of a stealth attack. Despite the profusion of leafy greens sprouting all around our patch, two of our kale were hit-and-bit by some sharp-toothed, probably furry and four-legged, varmint. After checking the perimeter fence I can only conclude the perp must have entered *over* the fence. Do squirrels actually eat kale?!

I gave the garden a good soak. Filled the watering can 10 times. It was dry.

Belinda – Thanks for the tomato baskets and the plank! I laid the plank aside temporarily so it doesn’t cover the seeded rows. Once we plant the flowers in the ground, we can put the plank in the row where the flowers are currently “in holding.”

Although lots of people have already planted their tomatoes, basil, peppers, zucchini, there is no rush to get these in the ground until we have at least a solid week of 20+ temperatures. So, who wants to seed the zucchini and plant the beans? I have the seeds.

I’ll be away from May 17 to 29 – happy gardening!


One response to “The case of the kale-chomping critter

  1. tanfieldsbest says:

    And so the battle begins,,,,,,,Maybe we need to put fine mesh over the tender plants to deter the critters?I did hear from Charlie Dobbin?? At an event at RBG that a bag of plastic forks pushed handle down in the soil can deter squirrels from planter boxes,. The tines stick out just above the soil level and the squirrels don’t like to walk there…….supposedly.
    Planter box v large garden plot. I’m not sure.
    This is a case for the situation room!

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