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an urban co-op garden adventure

Proud parents of beet babies

on May 17, 2012

Shelley, Katie, and I spent 30 minutes in the garden at lunch. We planted the green and yellow beans in the area closest to the trellis, one row of green and one row of yellow next to the basket. I hope this is okay…?

Super pleased to see wee green beet leaves poking up from their dark soil blankets, trying desperately to reach the sun. Such a sense of accomplishment! We had a good laugh trying to determine what was a weed and what was veggie sprout. Hard to tell at this point…

I’m in on Saturday and will check out things on my lunch hour, water, etc. The three of us plan to hit up each Thursday 12:00 lunch break as well, to water and weed. It would be great if everyone could choose a day of the week so we know what’s covered and what days someone will be required to run over and quickly water.

Such fun to wander the other gardens and look at others handiwork.

p.s. Ivars has been given the Zuc and will begin seeding it, ASAP.


2 responses to “Proud parents of beet babies

  1. Lurker says:

    Beat babies or beet babies? I’ll have to call the children’s aid if it’s the first!

  2. dancinghotdog says:

    Gleep! Beets, beets! They’re beets! Silly iPad and that silly autocorrect,,,

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