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Harvest lottery results

Hi everyone,

Here are the harvest lottery results. The calendar was split from July 1 to Sep 23 into tw0-week allotments. Except for the two allotments at the start and end of the growing season, the harvest will be shared four ways within each two-week period. This means we each get to enjoy two harvests! If you are going to be away during your allotted time, please swap with someone. Fingers crossed for a summer of bountiful harvest!

Please note that the current watering and weeding schedule will still be in effect—think of it as helping to keep the garden happy and healthy for *your* harvest!

July 1-15  ** Please harvest the cauliflower soonest so that the peppers can be planted **

1. Katie 2. Amanda 3. Susan

July 16-29

1. Belinda 2. Linda 3. Shelley 4. Lauren

 July 30-Aug 12

1. Ivars 2. Kumkum 3. Cecilia 4. Kathryn

Aug 13-26

1. Amanda 2. Katie 3. Linda 4. Lauren

Aug 27-Sep 9

1. Belinda 2. Kathryn 3. Kumkum 4. Susan

Sep 10-23

1. Cecilia 2. Shelley 3. Ivars

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Baby carrots and beet leaves

Susan and I lunched and did some harvesting in the garden today.  We thinned the carrots and beets and gave everything a good soaking. The wee baby carrots and beet leaves are in the fridge looking for a home! Have we/can we establish how we would like to divvy everything up? The cauliflower needs to be harvested too.


First harvest!

Katie and I were at the patch this afternoon, giving it a drink. We removed a bunch of leaves from the base of the Brussels sprout plants (apparently this helps the baby sprouts to, well, sprout). So they’re look a bit top-heavy right now. We also harvested a bunch of kale leaves. They are wrapped in wet paper towels in the staff room fridge. Help yourselves! We’ll be picking more soon, along with the cabbage.

Hey, don’t know what to do with kale? Check out these easy recipes > (you might have to cut & paste this URL into your search bar).

Cheers, Lauren

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Perky plants, wilted waterer

This heat is really drying out the patch, especially the planters, so I watered all the pots yesterday. The cilantro is looking crispy – we may have lost our little plants. Everything else looks good, especially the kale. Some of the larger leaves are ready to harvest, I think. We need to keep on top of watering if rain continues to hold off. And the carrots, beets, onions, and beans need to be thinned soon – our growing veggie family! Cheers, Lauren

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Looks like rain?

Went out to the garden today not sure if I should water and not.  Thankfully, there was a representative there from BG that told me to go ahead and water because the beds now have moisture underneath so we want to keep that up.  I told her about our zucchini and she said that BG could find a place to plant it if we had excess.  She also wanted to let us know to pay particular attention to the minutes (that she is sending out tonight) as there is a weight loss challenge.  Sign up is first name in the shed.  I gave the plants on the other side of the fence a nice dose of water because they looked particularly thirsty today.  CV

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New arrivals

The rain held off in time for Cecilia and I to lug the lettuces and herbs from my car out to the garden. In beside our very healthy cauliflower and beans we now have five pots of oregano, chives, basil, parsley, and lettuce.

Side note: I think it’s time someone should eat the lettuce… Not sure how we divvy these up? Any suggestions, folks? Perhaps we should start talking about this as I would think sometime soon we might need to consider chomping at that kale, too?

Also, Cecilia thought we should consider replanting the lettuce as if it is parsley in the container with it (my apologies, I can’t remember what Lauren told me to plant in beside the lettuce, only that it was a tiny seed…) the parsley will eat up the space in no time.

What says you?

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