Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

New arrivals

on June 6, 2012

The rain held off in time for Cecilia and I to lug the lettuces and herbs from my car out to the garden. In beside our very healthy cauliflower and beans we now have five pots of oregano, chives, basil, parsley, and lettuce.

Side note: I think it’s time someone should eat the lettuce… Not sure how we divvy these up? Any suggestions, folks? Perhaps we should start talking about this as I would think sometime soon we might need to consider chomping at that kale, too?

Also, Cecilia thought we should consider replanting the lettuce as if it is parsley in the container with it (my apologies, I can’t remember what Lauren told me to plant in beside the lettuce, only that it was a tiny seed…) the parsley will eat up the space in no time.

What says you?


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