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Baby carrots and beet leaves

on June 22, 2012

Susan and I lunched and did some harvesting in the garden today.  We thinned the carrots and beets and gave everything a good soaking. The wee baby carrots and beet leaves are in the fridge looking for a home! Have we/can we establish how we would like to divvy everything up? The cauliflower needs to be harvested too.


6 responses to “Baby carrots and beet leaves

  1. Lauren says:

    I don’t think we have a plan—or any ideas—yet on how to crop-share. We sure don’t want the stuff to go to waste.

    One thought is to assign a few weeks per # people as a way to divvy up. Weeks are decided by draw; if a name is drawn that corresponds with their vacation, their ballot gets put back in the pot. This way everyone has an equally random chance to be assigned a harvest period.

    Here’s how this could work, for example: July 1-14 harvest goes to persons A, B & C, July 15-30/31 harvest goes to persons D, E, F & G …and so on. If each harvest covers a range of days, there should be something for everyone, but not everything for everyone. This way, if someone is away on vacation, they won’t miss their harvest.

    So that’s one idea…what are some more? Cheers, Lauren

    P.S. I’m removing some beans tonight and planting one zucchini (thanks, Ivars!). There are a few more zucchini plants in my office, ready to go to good homes. Please let me know soonest if you want one. I’ll be taking whatever is remaining and donating them to the community garden.

  2. Werid, not sure where my initial reply went…

    I agree with Lauren, a lottery makes sense. This is how we were awarded our garden, after all. Please let me know how I can help with this… It would be neat if we could all meet under the shade tents some lunch hour for our crop “reaping” (excuse the Hunger Games pun…)

    And as for the zucchini… blech! None for me, thanks!


    • northoff says:

      Your idea sounds good to me Lauren! And if someone receives an item in their harvest they think they may not use, they could just pass it on to whoever in the group is interested.

  3. Tanfieldsbest says:

    I like this lottery idea too. Not sure I will be able to bring myself to uproot anything though……..

  4. I too agree with the lottery idea. I like to be surprised this way and we will know well in advance so we don’t buy any veggies on our grocery shop that week. I think if some weeks yield more then we can just let each other know on the Friday what is left in the fridge for someone to take home on the weekend. Why don’t we also jot down in the blog what we cook with each yield and we can compile a recipe collection at the end of our best dishes?

  5. Lauren says:

    Okay! We have a plan. I’ll create the ballots and the harvest timetable and then we’ll do the lottery by Friday. I’ll post the results after the draw.

    Cheers, Lauren

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