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Harvest lottery results

on June 29, 2012

Hi everyone,

Here are the harvest lottery results. The calendar was split from July 1 to Sep 23 into tw0-week allotments. Except for the two allotments at the start and end of the growing season, the harvest will be shared four ways within each two-week period. This means we each get to enjoy two harvests! If you are going to be away during your allotted time, please swap with someone. Fingers crossed for a summer of bountiful harvest!

Please note that the current watering and weeding schedule will still be in effect—think of it as helping to keep the garden happy and healthy for *your* harvest!

July 1-15  ** Please harvest the cauliflower soonest so that the peppers can be planted **

1. Katie 2. Amanda 3. Susan

July 16-29

1. Belinda 2. Linda 3. Shelley 4. Lauren

 July 30-Aug 12

1. Ivars 2. Kumkum 3. Cecilia 4. Kathryn

Aug 13-26

1. Amanda 2. Katie 3. Linda 4. Lauren

Aug 27-Sep 9

1. Belinda 2. Kathryn 3. Kumkum 4. Susan

Sep 10-23

1. Cecilia 2. Shelley 3. Ivars


One response to “Harvest lottery results

  1. Kale chips! Kale chips! Kale chips! Kale chips!

    Great stuff, guys. Thank you for organizing this.

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