Plot 30

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A confession and a question

on July 23, 2012

First the confession – I missed the meeting last weekend.  I thought it was on the 21nd, and realized my mistake a week too late.  Very sorry, fellow gardeners.

And now the question with preface: I noticed last week that it seems the beets and carrots are all pretty close to harvesting, or many of them could be harvested. When they are done do we want to maybe put in more beets, or some fast growing greens in their place? I have lots of lettuce seeds at home, the variety is “4 Seasons” meaning it tolerates cold well, so we could plant it for an early fall crop.

Just a thought…


2 responses to “A confession and a question

  1. Lauren says:

    These things happen, Susan. No worries. I think we received the meeting Minutes.

    And—you have offered the *perfect* immediate solution to the empty cabbage space. I’ve been looking for veggie plants at local nurseries and finding nothing. So, how about we use that space for those fast-growing greens? Can you sow some seeds in this area?

    As the beets and carrots get harvested, we can always sow more seeds – I have plenty left over. Cheers, Lauren

  2. Tanfieldsbest says:

    I enjoyed a few carrots when it was my week to harvest and they were delicious, though I felt like a robber pulling them.
    I vote for plantimg more seeds as space becomes available.
    Please note I will be on vacation from Aug 20 to Sept 4 so will not be around to water on my Wednesday.

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