Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

Final harvests

on October 9, 2012

Thanks for all your hard work, Linda. I was just at the plot and saw how tidy everything is! I spoke with Michelle, who was harvesting the outer garden, and she said that Oct 20 is the date to have our garden cleared completely. She also asked me to pass along that if anyone is interested in applying for their own plot next year, to apply under your own name. If  we want to submit as a group again, we’ll need to apply as an organization. I’m pretty sure that’s what we did this year, right Susan?

So, if there is something you want, perhaps Friday is the best day to take it. The marigolds are still going strong if anyone wants to re-pot for your own fall garden. I deadheaded all the mums on Friday after work and saw *lots* of buds.

Anything that’s left after this weekend, let’s plan to clear it out on Monday, Oct 15 at lunch time.

Cheers, Lauren

email from Cecilia:

Forecast indicates for Friday night that we are going down to zero.  Should we remove the rest before then?

email from Linda:

Hi folks,

Since  the season is drawing to a close I went to the garden on Monday and pulled out the tomatoes, the kale, and the brussels. Its true that the brussels and the kale could have gone on a little longer but the seasons are changing and the opportunity to clean things up was there … So what remains in the garden are nasturtiums, pots of herbs, onions,marigolds and a sunflower.

I have kale, green tomatoes and a few brussels if anyone would like some. I can bring them to work tomorrow and store them in the fridge.

I plan on taking down the trellis sometime this week.Someone may want to take home the herbs.


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