Plot 30

an urban co-op garden adventure

2012 Central Park Community Garden & Program Survey

Hi Everyone,

Lauren and I thought we should answer these as Plot 30, so please add any comments you would like to each of the questions below. We need to submit this by Thursday Nov 1. Sorry about the short notice and thanks for your timely input. [questions and draft responses removed – see Dec 27 post for final submission – LA]

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Michelle’s contact info

FYI, Michelle’s contact info:

Michelle Bennett

Program Coordinator, Go Local Food Network


Twitter @groweatlocal #CentralParkCommunityGarden

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Clear out update

email from Michelle Bennett:

Hi All,

Thanks to all those that have already cleared out your plots.  A few still have to do this by this weekend please.  If plots are not cleared out within reason I have no choice but to indicate a mark against your chances in the event of your name is drawn again for next season as we do need to follow the garden rules even at the end of the season (and I’d really not like to be stuck clearing out more plants than I already have to).

Still no word from Parks about taking away leaf bags so please do bring them home if you can.

If any have perennials like sage or thyme you do not intend to take home please do not throw them out.  Leave them in a pot near the shed, and I will know to plant them in the victory beds.

If any would like to donate the food that is still in your plot for the next food bank donation please give me permission to pick over the next few days.  Thanks Bella for the celery and Lisa for the tomatoes.  Please note, picking food for donation does not mean I’m willing to clear out the plants from your plot 🙂

Again, I hope you all enjoyed this season and I look forward to seeing you in 2013 one way or another.

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Plot 30 “and so to bed”

email from Linda: I went to the garden this morning to take down the trellis and saw that the garden had been hit by frost and most of what was left in the garden was no more. I cleaned up the nasturtiums, the flowers and the basil and took them home to my compost bin.

The garden is almost “put to bed” there are quite a few onions,and about three pots of herbs which someone may want to take home. The tomato cages are still there,I am not sure who provided them.

Also Michelle was talking to me about the possibility of a garden in the Aldershot area. She wondered if the Aldershot branch might have space available to offer Burlington Green the same kind of relationship which was established with Central? Any thoughts? I guess Allison is the person to ask????

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Final harvests

Thanks for all your hard work, Linda. I was just at the plot and saw how tidy everything is! I spoke with Michelle, who was harvesting the outer garden, and she said that Oct 20 is the date to have our garden cleared completely. She also asked me to pass along that if anyone is interested in applying for their own plot next year, to apply under your own name. If  we want to submit as a group again, we’ll need to apply as an organization. I’m pretty sure that’s what we did this year, right Susan?

So, if there is something you want, perhaps Friday is the best day to take it. The marigolds are still going strong if anyone wants to re-pot for your own fall garden. I deadheaded all the mums on Friday after work and saw *lots* of buds.

Anything that’s left after this weekend, let’s plan to clear it out on Monday, Oct 15 at lunch time.

Cheers, Lauren

email from Cecilia:

Forecast indicates for Friday night that we are going down to zero.  Should we remove the rest before then?

email from Linda:

Hi folks,

Since  the season is drawing to a close I went to the garden on Monday and pulled out the tomatoes, the kale, and the brussels. Its true that the brussels and the kale could have gone on a little longer but the seasons are changing and the opportunity to clean things up was there … So what remains in the garden are nasturtiums, pots of herbs, onions,marigolds and a sunflower.

I have kale, green tomatoes and a few brussels if anyone would like some. I can bring them to work tomorrow and store them in the fridge.

I plan on taking down the trellis sometime this week.Someone may want to take home the herbs.

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What Next?

Just wondering if it is time to harvest everything in the garden and close out for the winter? What is our game plan? Should we organize a day to do this? I have a wine crate under my desk that we can use to hold anything we pick–any thoughts?

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